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We are a very passionate mixed gender team about glory holes in every way. We feel that since it’s become a wonderful sexual topic over the years and since 1999 we have been making custom designed glory holes at our UK workshop.

Home Glory holes or creating your own glory hole fantasy have been a forever growing sexual interest so we plan to keep growing and developing more and exciting glory holes.

We make all our glory holes with only the best PVC material which means when it comes to cleaning and keeping in good condition it’s super easy without needing a washing machine wash.

We see many men and women looking at glory hole locations and then end up realizing that having their own home glory hole which is also portable to take anywhere you wish in the world is actually the ultimate dream!

We had many customers tell us that they bring on holiday and have the glory hole on the bathroom door or even the hotel room hallway sometimes but either way it worked great for them.

How to make a glory hole is a common question we get but why waste so much time making something which will only last 10 mins and you need to make it again and again. We admit that’s not all the time and some people have been successful at developing some great homemade glory holes but as this is something we specialize in and all we do as a company you can probably imagine we covered every angle and already spent years making all the mistakes!

We also want to mention the fact we are now a worldwide organization so no matter which country you are in we have you covered, of course, there may be a slightly extended delivery time as they all come from our factory in the UK but we always make sure the delivery is as fast as possible.

Since covid, we also noticed that glory holes became even more popular due to the extra hygiene protection giving you super-high protection against catching something with the solid protection you will have between you and your acquittance with our light but well-made glory hole sheet.

To sum things up whether you have been searching on google for a local glory hole, glory hole map, glory holes near you, or just how to make or create your very own glory hole then you have come to the right place as to why not have your very own glory hole which you can use at your home or even a sexy adult party or swingers party,

which we can be sure you be the one with all the attention bringing something so special to a place which usually does not exist due to the complexity in creating a sustainable glory hole which will not only last but allow you to use again and again with ease.

Its really important to let you know no matter if your looking for a glory hole lake Berryessa in the USA to glory hole London or Manchester, or maybe you have been searching for a local glory hole near me or not far from where you’re staying it really doesn’t matter as we can deliver our glory holes anywhere in the world and more importantly that this will be your very own portable glory hole so you don’t need to be searching for local glory holes anymore as you will now be the Host yourself!

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