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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, but to some extent.

Let us clear it for you. If you’re facing shipment or timing issues, please let us know in advance, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you accordingly. Also, this does not mean we will put your order ahead of someone else’s because we all want our Glory hole store as much as anyone else.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering your exact leading time, our product page displays ‘Shipping time’ on the right-hand column. It displays the time your product will likely arrive if you place your orders today. We make sure to keep this feature up-to-date, so place your orders and get a clear picture yourself.

Also, our customers need to keep in mind that all our products get specially customized according to your wishes. So, we would instead take our building process slow rather than being hasty and sending out something that isn’t up to standard.

Above all, if you want to avail of expedited service, you will need to pay a £100.00 fee so we can get going on your order ahead of anyone else. Sometimes it can even mean your shipment times can go down from 3-4 weeks to 1 week.

If you wish to get an expedited offer, place your orders on our Glory Hole site and pay for your expedited order here.

Glory Hole UK provides its customer with worldwide shipping. All details regarding our shipping process are available on our site. To date, we have shipped our products to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • France
  • Belgium

Also, overseas APO/FPO addresses without any hassle.

Yes, but ONLY before we start working on it. There’s no going back for you if we start working on your order with all the cuts and stitches.

However, we usually start working on orders a few days after you place your orders which means you have enough time to go back on your decision. Nonetheless, please don’t delay any further.

Important reminder: There’s one thing that customers need to keep in mind before placing an order. When we issue a refund, we are charging you the purchasing amount minus the charges by PayPal. Paypal tends to keep all the charging fees whenever we give a refund. Furthermore, the costs are not huge, somewhere between £10 -£15 (more or less)

Absolutely, on both accounts, the billing will show on your statement as Glory Hole Store -Paypal.

We ship our products in standard mail packaging, give, and our return address is Glory Hole Store UK.

Yes absolutely, For more info about custom-made Glory hole products, visit our website.

No, due to the delicacy of the Glory Hole Product lines, we cannot promise or guarantee you any return on our items.

Also, no merchandise credit will get issued.

We consistently work hard and give our customers only premium quality products. So, by far, not one person has ever asked us for a return, and we hope you’ll be the next lucky one as well.

Our Glory hole panel is approximately 30×75 inches. Therefore, the tension bars of our products are eligible to fit into a narrow space of 26 inches and a wide area of 36 inches easily. Also, we can make a customized one especially for you. Just ping us!

Information about washing and cleaning is mentioned in the description of every product.

Yes, you can; get in touch with us so we can understand what you require, and we’ll help you accordingly.

Customer satisfaction is our number. one priority, and we take pride in our services. Need a fix? Call us, and we’ll make sure to assist you in the best way possible.

All Glory Hole products come in a handmade storage bag, so you don’t have to worry. We care about your privacy more than you.

The bars are primarily black, white or chrome. We try our best to blend the colours seamlessly with the fabric shades to appeal to our customers visually.

We strongly advise you not to take the risk. Although our tension bar is strong enough to accommodate 175 pounds, there’s a lot of trouble involved nonetheless. Given, if you feel like someone on the other side of the bar is leaning forward, immediately tell them to stop. If you’re doing it against the door, we suggest you tell the other person to rely on both sides of the doorframe.

We also strongly advise you to tighten the tension bar without damaging anyone or anything near you.

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