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glory hole sex and covid 19

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm over the past year. A good amount of ruckus was made with people being afraid to get in contact with each other, wearing face masks, countless deaths, and much more. It all caused a severe depression surge through all humanity. With being both mentally and sexually frustrated there was a thin line of patience screaming to get across. To overcome such challenges, we made a glory hole that will help people release their tension during the covid 19.

As more and more counties and people got subjected to staying at home, the need to release their frustrations kept arising. However, for a good amount of time, everyone was scared to get in contact with each other so as to not spread or become the victim of such a deadly virus. Moreover, what a lot of us don’t know is, during these tough times, underground bars and clubs were opened for the private public to come to have fun and relieve themselves of all the bad thoughts and anxiety that looms over them in the real world. To make sure everyone gets a taste of intimacy and pleasure, we’re going to discuss how to initiate safer sex with your partner using a glory hole during covid 19.

Important tips to remember before having sex during COVID-19 

As much as we all love the sensation of our sexual encounters, we have to keep in mind that health is a priority that cannot be overlooked. To endure a safe session but also a memorable one, we’ve gathered a few tips from our fellow health queers that’ll result in benefits for both you and your partner in crime.

  • Make your plans ahead of time and get tested for the Covid 19. In case you feel any symptoms or get tested positive, DO NOT engage in any sexual or close contact with anyone and stay home. Take care of yourself and the people around you the best you can. Also, if you get positive results make sure to let everyone you’ve met or got in contact with know, so they can take necessary precautions as well.
  • Moving on, never forget a face mask. It’s important that you wear a facemask before you meet someone and also during sex to prevent any bacterial exchange (it’s better to not kiss during such sessions)
  • Set your boundaries, there’s no shame in putting your health before you. Talk with each other and tell the other person about the safety measures you take and also ask about theirs too. So you can both work on a smooth and safe foundation.
  • Just like a mask, it’s mandatory you bring a hand saniti with you as well. Use it before and after you’re done.
  • Avoid kissing
  • Remember to be discreet, as public sex, nudity, and sexual practices are illegal in the UK, you need to be aware if you choose to make out in public or someplace open.
  • Stay updated with HIV, STI, PrEP, and various sexual health routines. Be honest with your doctor/ provider with the kind of acts you perform so they can provide you with relevant options.

How To Use Glory Holes In Covid 19 

A glory hole can pretty much be your knight in shining sex armor during the covid 19 pandemic. As the main purpose of a glory hole is to provide you and your partner with genuine anonymous sex. Which is exactly what we need in this deadly pandemic. It’s a great option as it prevents interaction and encourages faceless sex. Also, it’s ideal for blocking aerosol droplets that can cause coronavirus.

During a webinar on sexual health, it was quoted that ‘it’s empowering to have a glory hole product in your personal space that you have full control over’

One more thing to remember is, a glory hole can help ignite excitement during roleplay. Its anonymity gives it a power and a touch of mystery about who is on the other side. Embrace the kinky situation as long as your health precautions are taken care of.

All in all, as much as we love sex, it’s important to note that your health and well-being should always be a priority. Therefore, our products are designed to keep you safe from any kind of bacteria, virus, and harmful symptoms but also give you the comfort of releasing your tensions and frustration and having the time of your life even in such drastic situations.