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JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Javascript Step by Step

This JavaScript for beginners tutorial is for students who want to learn about Web application development and software development. This tutorial is also helpful for the professionals working in web application development to enhance their knowledge and skills. Training material should show genuine aptitudes that are current and they ought not burn through an understudy’s important time.

javascript video lessons

Log into your account, or create an account with the same email you used to buy the series. The modules section of the course first uses straight up ES Modules in HTML. Then we move on to using Parcel.js to bundle and transpile our code.

Learn JavaScript

Wes has taught over 500 students in 200+ classes and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations. In this course, you will learn how to use for and while loops to execute blocks of code multiple times. JavaScript is drastically advancing with new features for great web experience.

It starts at the fundamentals and then works its way toward more advanced concepts while not relying on any frameworks or libraries. In this Traversy Media YouTube course, you will learn about JavaScript basics including conditions, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and ES6. Though there is no set time frame when it comes to capturing the essence of the best JavaScript courses or ways to learn the language, dedication and discipline play a major role.

Learn JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners

This lesson brings you the most common and important JavaScript interview questions for freshers as well as experienced candidates to help you have more clarity and prepare well. Data is an important element of object-oriented programming. OOP keeps the data protected from accidental modifications from an outside function. Problems are broken down into objects, and the data and functions are built around them. This lesson will take you through the basics of OOP, its concepts, and other related concepts, such as class implementation and encapsulation in JavaScript.

  • JavaScript is one of the most commonly used languages in the realm of information technology today and is the sole reason why your websites and pages are supremely interactive.
  • — If you are also looking for some free resources to start with your web development career then you can also check this list of free Web Development courses for Programmers.
  • Competitive coding has never been so epic with this educational esports league, uniquely both an AI battle simulator and game engine for learning real code.
  • Instead of long and boring theoretical lessons, you will dive head-first into building products and solving challenges.
  • Wes has taught over 500 students in 200+ classes and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

There are many hot platforms that are available for web development with JavaScript. Of course, getting an expert in JavaScript will lead you to the best MNC. Though JavaScript is widely used, having a certification will help you a lot in getting a perfect job. Many sites provide you with the renowned certificate for JavaScript language.

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Wes is the author of React For Beginners, Advanced React and GraphQL, ES6 for Everyone and Learn Node which together have sold over 55,000 copies. He is also the author of,, and Command Line Power User, a set of free video series. 300,000 people have taken at least one of Wes’ free video courses. This course also uses exercises to cement concepts, but we dive much deeper into how these things work, gotchas, best practices, tooling and more.

There are dozens of challenges, quizzes, and projects to do throughout the course. Beau Carnes will walk you JavaScript Lessons through all of the basic freeCodeCamp JavaScript challenges and provide detailed explanations along the way.

Earn a document to prove you’ve completed a course or path that you can share with your network. The progress I have made since starting to use codecademy is immense! I can study for short periods or long periods at my own convenience – mostly late in the evenings.

javascript video lessons

This way, you can be sure that the concepts really stick with you. This is an interactive learning environment where you will learn JavaScript by doing hundreds of challenges and five certification algorithm challenges. Their short timeline makes them the best way to learn JavaScript to really get your skills acquainted with the recent industry trends. There is also a coding test at the end of every unit in this incredible course that offers all its students a means to demonstrate what they have learned and reinforce their knowledge. If you do not have time to get yourself enrolled in any kind of classes, turn to the power of the internet for that much-needed dose of self-guided learning.