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what is glory hole

A glory hole is a hole made in a thin wall or another type of partition where a man can insert their penis for sex by an anonymous person.

Ever wondered why your relationship suddenly starts going south? Why does your partner start acting distant or maybe you feel like there’s no love left between the two of you? Well, one of the main reasons can be because of zero sexual intimacy. In thousands of cases, couples tend to part ways when they feel like the sparks are gone between the two, constantly blaming it on compatibility issues or cheating. However, we honestly think that before you make hasty decisions regarding your relationship, why not step back and pay attention to how physically active you’ve both been.

There’s a high chance the sparks are gone mainly because both you and your partner are consistently trying to ‘play it safe’

Or maybe your partner wants you to try something different in the bedroom but is hesitant to verbalize it. That is what Glory hole store is here to change.

What is a Glory hole? Well, we’ll answer that in-depth and also pitch in a few benefits and how to use methods for you down below. All you have to do is keep reading to find out how Glory holes can help save your south going relationship and revitalize its sexiness to the fullest.

What is Glory Hole?

Glory hole is a new and improved initiative that is aiming to enhance all your sexual endeavors. We must say, it is nowhere near the High-quality BDSM products that transport you into a whole new world but, it is close enough for all those vanilla loving cults that are too reluctant to step foot in such practices but still wish to participate and step out of their comfort zone. Although Glory Hole is an advanced product it is more than enough to satisfy and excite the community of people and couples wishing to explore sexualities, changing likes, and giving them a taste of how anonymous sex feels.

Other than that, Glory Hole is designed to bring you a night of unforgettable pleasures. The fabric of our portable glory holes is made up of polyester spandex with ultra-durability perfect for handling any sort of roughness, easy to carry around, and washing machine friendly. It comes in a fitting standard size of 180 (W) and 90 (H) that can easily accommodate a person with a height ranging from 5.5ft -6.5ft. So, this means you and your partner don’t have to worry about positions, as our glory hole can easily mold itself to whatever position you desire. Doggy style? We got you covered!

Benefits of Using A Glory Hole?

Apart from serving your relationship its prime indulgence, Glory Holes can add a pinch of spiciness needed to savor the love between two people. With the glory hole being an anonymous wall between the two, it is sure to give you a naughty feel and also fuel your wild imagination.

Role Play:

Use it however you want. Let your wild fantasies come true and your imagination take flight as you enter a world full of opportunities with this product. Surprise your partner with your glory hole and help bring out the best in them by spoiling your soulmates to a nice dinner and then later on bringing them into the bedroom to treat them to a dessert they’ll never forget.


Role playing can be a healthy activity to keep your relationship going rock solid. It lets you in on the other person’s likes and dislikes. Also, it’ll be a great way of improving communication. I’ll tell you how. Sometimes when expressing ourselves, we don’t have the courage to look into the other person’s eyes. We’re not comfortable enough to share what’s bothering us. But with a Glory hole, you can actually overcome that too. With Glory acting as a barrier, you can now vent out all your thoughts without having to directly look at your partner fearing how their reaction might be. Glory hole gives you the liberty of being yourself and expressing your desires. That is the prime key to a healthy relationship; Communication.

Perfect for all types of couples:

When we say Glory hole is perfect for couples, we don’t only mean straight couples but all homosexual couples as well. We strongly believe in ‘Love has no boundaries and also how diverse its reach is. So, our team has put together a product that is not only suitable for straight people but gays as well. We have a wide range of gay glory holes as well, which is sure to set the bar high and make our company your new favorite glory hole hub.

So, if you feel like your relationship is dying out or there are no more sparks left, make sure to explore yourself and your partner’s desire before eventually getting it off the table. Also, remember the most important thing is being comfortable, both in your skin and in someone else’s. If they lack consent, stop immediately. Talk to them, understand what they want and if they’re willing to take this step with you or not, because at the end of the day; it’s all about your relationship.

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